CEO Update February

CEO Update February

After a good summer break our region is now facing some potentially severe challenges in the economy and for our whanau as the impacts of COVID-19 is felt in our largest trading market of China.

The team at Trust Tairāwhiti are supporting a regional leadership group which is coordinating a regional response with government, local agencies, industry and community support groups. We meet every week to ensure practical support is coordinated and offered where it is needed on the ground with business and whanau. We are actively sending up to date information to Wellington to help government consider any support package.

Our business growth advisors are out in the community working with business and employees to understand the impact and what can be done to support them in this difficult time.

While the biggest impact here is in forestry, we are conscious that all China export sectors will be facing challenges, particularly coupled with the dry conditions we are now facing.

We encourage anyone that is concerned to talk to others about it, there are others out there who can help and can support you in dealing with the issues you face. If you want to talk to someone regarding business. For individuals wanting support call please call Trust Tairāwhiti Growth Advisor Wendy Gatley on 021 312 463. For individuals wanting support please see the contact list on the Gisborne District Council website.

But even if you don’t talk to one of these people, please reach out and talk to someone. All to often in our country we don’t talk about these issues and try to be staunch and deal with them ourselves. However, the evidence is clear we all do better when we share our concerns with others. So please reach out and talk to someone.

For the Trust one of our current priorities at this time of the year is writing our statement of intent (SOI) for the next financial year starting April. Our SOI is particularly important this year because we are integrating regional wellbeing into our strategy as “He Tohu Ora”, which is our new way of working. This consolidated approach will help us determine our funding and delivery priorities and start to align them with what you have told us is important for your wellbeing from our community engagement work.

Trustees remain committed to He Tohu Ora outcomes, and recent global events have clearly demonstrated the need for a resilient, diversified, economy, based on circular economy principles that support the Tairāwhiti community

I look forward to sharing our SOI and aspirations for the next year with you over the coming months.

Tātau Tātau
Gavin Murphy - CEO