Community Assets and Projects of Significance Fund

Te Tahua Rawa Hapori – Community Assets up to $1,000,000
Te Tahua Rawa Hapori Tapua - Community Assets and Projects of Significance over $1,000,000
Our community assets, facilities and major projects give us a sense of
identity and pride. They inspire community connection, enhance the way our communities function, support manaakitanga (our ability to host or entertain), provide for economic growth, and contribute to our enjoyment of the place we call home.
Objectives of the Funds

This fund is designed to support the development of community assets, infrastructure or projects that meet the diverse needs of our community.

Preferences for Funding

Trust Tairāwhiti would prefer to fund projects that:

- Are essential to the region.
- Deliver a clear point of difference.
- Add value to the region’s offering as a great place to live, work and play.
- Create opportunities for the region to attract/hold/expand its recreational, cultural and sporting profile.
- Give our region opportunity to leverage greater returns or growth.
- Demonstrate collaboration particularly in the development of shared, multi-use facilities.


Closing Dates
14 December 2018
28 June 2019
29 November 2019

Decision Dates
March 2019
September 2019
March 2020

Application Process

The application and decision-making process has two steps. The time frames can be project specific, but applicants should be prepared for a 12-week process.

Step One - Tell us about your project.
We ask you to do this in two ways:

1. Meet - We prefer to meet and discuss the project and our funding criteria before you apply.

2. Apply - The application should come in the form of an investment proposal that includes the following:

- Details of the project.
- Full project plan including milestones and deliverable actions.
- Copy of the feasibility study that supports the project, if there is one.
- Governance and management including project management, key people and reporting lines.
- Demonstrated need - proof it is required and why.
- Measurable outcomes - what does success look like and why does this region need this project.
- A funding plan including all funders involved with the project.
- Community engagement and usage - lists of organisations and individuals who will benefit from this project - how do you know this?
- Budgets, estimates, quotes and financial assumptions.
- Records of proposed partnership arrangements.
- Risk identification and mitigation.
- Asset maintenance and operating budgets and forecasts.
- Letters of support from collaborators and supporters.
- The recognition Trust Tairāwhiti would receive for its contribution.

Step One - Tell us about your project.
Our distributions team (management with the guidance of the Distribution Committee) will complete an initial review of your proposal, which is then presented to the Board for approval. Depending on the scale or complexity of the project, the Board may require further information at this point.

For a copy of this information download the fact sheet.

To book a time to pop in and discuss your project, email our distributions team.

Application Forms