Community Resilience Fund

We are a community of passionate people working towards a greater good. We dream big. Our organisations have excellent leadership and infrastructure, and are focused on making a difference. We celebrate diversity; we are self-reliant, lively and well-connected.

Objectives of the Funds

Whether you’re keeping it simple or have a radical plan, the Community Resilience Fund is for change-makers. Apply to this fund if you aim to:

Unleash the potential of your community organisation. When well-funded, community organisations can put vision into action, they are ambitious and create long-term community change. We will build stronger, more durable, organisations – supporting great projects, enabling growth, developing skill, building efficiencies and improving financial sustainability.

Raise the region’s profile. We will work with those taking our region to the national or international stage in a way that is innovative and leverages our greatest assets.

Ensure our community is vibrant and well-connected. Healthy communities have opportunities for people to interact, form relationships and share experiences. We will fund events and activities that bring our community together – especially where those activities celebrate our diversity, our uniqueness, and our natural assets.

Enhance our community’s performance in economic growth, education, health, safety and security, and population growth.

Preferences for Funding

The organisation should have excellent governance practices and the ability to deliver; Demonstrate a need, and show how the project meets that need; Understand what success looks like and have a process in place to measure it.

The project should show collaboration, efficiency, diversity and innovation; have well-defined community benefit, appeal or engagement.

Deadlines - Pou 2 up to $10,000

2020 Closing Dates (decision dates)

14th February (decision 6th April)
20th March (decision 5th May)
17th April  (decision 2nd June 2020)
15th May (decision 6th July)
17th July (decision 7th September)
21st August (decision 5th October)
18th September (decision 2nd November)
16th October 2020 (decision 7th December)
20th November 2020 (decision 1st February 2021)
11th December 2020 (decision 1st February 2021)

Deadlines - Pou 2 up to $100,000
2020 Closing Dates (decision dates)

14 February (decision 5th May)
17th April (decision 6th July)
17th July (decision 5th October)
18th September  (decision 7th December)

Application Process

Step One - Tell us about your project.
We want to make it as simple as possible for you to tell us about your project.

1. Meet

We prefer to meet and discuss the project and our funding criteria before you apply.

2. Apply

Fill in the application form*. You can write on it or, if technology allows, complete the editable PDF.

For both the Minor and Major pools, the form is short and sweet. But we still want to know all about your project. So, add any documents you think will help your application.

Step two – Digging a little deeper.

If we need to better understand your project or the work you do, we may call or organise a visit. We are likely to ask about the need for your project and the specific outcomes you are hoping to achieve.

From here, we will work through the assessment and notification process.

If you have any problems, talk to us about other ways to apply:

1. Call the office and we will fill in the form over the phone. Allow time to have the application sent for your review and approval.

2. Drop in and we will fill in the form alongside you. Just make an appointment with our Distributions Administrator.

3. Send us an audio or video file. This may be an easier process for those who (for whatever reason) struggle to fill in the form but have access to smartphones or similar technology. Just make sure you answer all the questions.

For a copy of this information download the fact sheet.

To book a time to pop in and discuss your project, email our distributions team.

Application Forms

Pou 2 up to $100,000

Download PDF (108 KB)

Pou 2 up to $10,000

Download PDF (82 KB)