Economic Investigation and Research Fund

Te Tahua Rangahau Ohanga - Up to $30,000
As a community, we will take charge of our economic future. We will drive economic development and generate solutions that make sense for our community. We will live in a region where business thrives, whânau have access to sustainable and well-paid jobs, and communities prosper.

Objectives of the Funds

This fund is designed for those who have a ground-breaking business idea but need to further test its viability, feasibility or impact – whether at a regional, community or hapu level. It is also designed to fund those smaller, business-focused initiatives that support the development of a vibrant business sector.

Apply to this fund if you aim to complete feasibility, research or similar projects, or if you are organising conferences, hui or training designed to support our business sector.

This fund is always open - there are no cut off dates.

Preferences for Funding

Because we value innovation, there is considerable flexibility within this fund. However, we prefer sectors that align with the region’s key economic drivers, with a focus on:

- Wood.
- Horticulture.
- Digital/Technology/IT.
- Apiculture.
- Agriculture.
- Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
- Education to Employment.
- Tourism.

Ultimately, we are looking for end-projects with the potential to create sustainable, well-paid jobs and enhance business diversity and increase GDP.

The organisation should have excellent governance and management practices, and the ability to deliver; demonstrate a need, and show how the project meets that need.

Application Process

Step One - Tell us about your project.
We ask you to do this in two ways:

1. Fill in the application form. You can write on it or, if technology allows, complete the editable PDF.

The form is brief and designed to provide a reasonable overview.

2. Supply a four-page synopsis with your application including:

- Organisational overview.
- What you want to achieve with your broader project.
- What the funding is for – the scope of your testing or feasibility, and how it links to your ultimate project.
- How the project aligns with our funding objectives.
- Key parties involved.
- Other funding and investment – proposed and committed.

Step Two - Digging a little deeper
If we need to better understand your project or the work you do, we may call or organise a visit.

We are likely to ask about the need for your project and the specific outcomes you are hoping to achieve. From here, we will work through the assessment and notification process.

If you have any problems, talk to us about other ways of applying. While there are restrictions, our process allows you to:

1. Call the office and we will fill in the form over the phone. Allow time to have the application sent for your review and approval.

2. Drop in and we will fill in the form alongside you. Just make an appointment with our Distributions Administrator.

3. Send us an audio or video file. This may be an easier process for those who (for whatever reason) struggle to fill in the form but have access to smartphones or similar technology. Just make sure you answer all the questions.

For a copy of this information download the fact sheet.

To book a time to pop in and discuss your project, email our distributions team.

To apply, please download and manually complete the application form. 

Application Forms

Economic Investigation and Research Fund up to $30,000

Download PDF (84 KB)