Application outcomes – FAQs

I did not receive the full amount I requested. Why not? 

In the first payment successful applicants received up to 43 percent of the amount applied for, due to the demand for grants well-exceeding the initial funding.

The Government has since allocated more funds for the region and we have distributed all remaining funds to approved applicants. This second payment will lift the total amount closer to what was originally requested. Approved applicants will receive a notification email and payment within 48 hours.


Why have I received more than the $40,000 cap amount?

The maximum grant payment of $40,000 excluded GST. Funds paid over this is the GST component.


This amount is not enough to help my business at this time. Can I apply for more?

No - applications have closed and all available funding for Tairāwhiti will be paid out with the second payment to approved applicants.


Are any businesses excluded from receiving support? 

Businesses that are eligible for or have received funding through the MPI recovery fund will not be eligible to receive support through this package. 


What are the tax requirements on this payment?

Small business grants are GST inclusive. If you’re a GST-registered business that has received a Government grant, you are liable for GST. 

Sole traders or self-employed applicants should contact their accountants for guidance on tax obligations.


Why has my application been declined? 

It could be for a few reasons:

  • Incorrect or insufficient information provided.
  • The application did not meet the criteria.
  • The amount requested was assessed to be disproportionate to the actual losses.


I disagree with this outcome and would like my application to be reconsidered, is this possible? 

No. As stated in the application Terms and Conditions, the panel’s decision is final.


Who assesses applications?

They are assessed by an independent assessment panel, with representatives from business, local government and iwi. There are no Trust employees or Trustees on the panel.


For any other queries, contact 

Please do not call Trust Tairāwhiti, we can not provide information about your application over the phone.