Callaghan Innovation: Lean Workshop Gisborne

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Callaghan Innovation: Lean Workshop Gisborne

Lean is a one-day workshop and coaching programme that will boost your competitiveness and performance. You will have access to a Lean coach to help you implement the programme.

Lean will help you across your business, showing you how to:

  • Identify customer value-adding activities.
  • Identify inefficiencies across your business.
  • Improve planning, staff engagement, customer value, inventory, and production flow.
  • Create a continuous culture of improvement.

Lean is ideal for: 

  • High-value manufacturing and services businesses.
  • Supply chain companies.
  • Businesses stalled by unnecessary costs or workflows that are inefficient.
  • Businesses that suffer from poor staff engagement and low customer value.

More information can be found here

To register your interest for the event in August 2021 (details TBC), please email


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