Productivity Growth Workshop

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Productivity Growth Workshop

The Productivity Growth Workshop is the first step in improving your productivity in a lasting sustainable way.

Productivity People are experts in productivity improvement and follow Lean/Continuous Improvement methodologies to transform your business to a process driven organisation. They put your people at the heart of your transformation to ensure you continue to improve well beyond the workshop.  

The day starts with an introduction into the Lean and Continuous Improvement methodology - what it is and how can it help your business. You will work with your fellow participants in a hands-on simulation to experience implementing a selection of improvement practices. Each practice is evaluated and discussed, as how it could benefit your own business. You walk away with a Productivity Growth© Wheel that outlines your year-long improvement plan with milestones and priorities. 

Typical outcomes from the Productivity Growth Programme include: 

  • 30 -100% growth in productivity
  • Increased engagement of staff across all levels of the organisation
  • Improved customer outcomes  

The workshop will be held Friday June 11. Save the date now, and look out for more information or register your interest here. This workshop is funded and bought to you by Trust Tairāwhiti.

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11 June 2021







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