Conditions of Entry

Key points to note:

  1. Judges are seeking an overview of the business - entrants must keep within the allotted spaces for each judging performance area on the Entry Form.
  2. Entrants may include other information such as brochures, photographs and product samples as attachments whilst keeping within the Application Form template.
  3. Entry Fee of $100 + GST must be paid within 7 days of invoice once the entry has been received.
  4. All entrants must provide true and accurate information and disclose any liabilities such as business and/or tax related and/or current pending litigation which could compromise the judges’ analysis of the business, and/or adversely affect the integrity and reputation of the Westpac Tairāwhiti Business Excellence Awards.
  5. Winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony, Friday 18 June 2021.
  6. All entries remain strictly confidential and entry forms will be deleted or returned post the Awards together with the Feedback Form from the judges.



Conditions of Judging

  1. Judges are carefully selected for their skill and knowledge in relation to the categories they will be judging. Any conflicts of interest are identified and eliminated as part of the appointment process. All judges sign a confidentiality agreement requiring all information received from, and discussions with entrants to remain confidential, not to be used for any purpose other than to assess each entry and to reach a decision for the finalists and winners of each category, and for the overall business of the year. All entries are strictly confidential.
  2. Judges, working in teams of 2-3, will scrutinise and visit all entrants in their assigned category. Repeat visits may be required in some cases, or an interview with the judging panel arranged for further clarification. All entrants agree to being visited and interviewed by a judging team at a pre-arranged, mutually agreed time for both entrant and judges.
  3. All Business Excellence finalists will be considered for the Supreme Business finalists.
  4. The three Supreme Business finalists will be considered for the Supreme Westpac Tairāwhiti Business Excellence Award.
  5. The judging process for the Westpac Tairāwhiti Business Excellence Awards will proceed in three stages:
  6. Stage 1. Initial assessment of the business entry by the Convenor of Judges, the Financial Judge and the Awards Coordinator. If at this stage the judges have concerns about any aspects of the business, the entry will not proceed through to stage two. The judges’ concerns will be represented in their feedback to the entrant. If the entrant proceeds to the Stage 2, it is then allocated to a team of 2-3 category judges;
    Stage 2. Visit to the business by two or three judges. Stage 3. Final assessment of all business entries by all judges at a scheduled half day session.
  7. All entrants need to complete the ten performance areas plus an executive summary.
  8. During the judging process judges have the right to change entrants into whichever category they consider may be better suited to the entrant. In the event of any change, entrants will be notified by the Awards Coordinator prior to their entry category being changed.
  9. Decisions made by the judging panel are final and may not be disputed
  10. The judges notes will be collated and provided in summary feed back post the Awards.


For all enquiries please contact:

Awards Coordinator
Jo Ware 021 298 4690

c/o Trust Tairāwhiti,
PO Box 800, Gisborne 4040
50 The Esplanade, Shed Three, Floor 1,
Gisborne 4010