Workforce Development

Trust Tairāwhiti is working with its CARE (Commitment, Action, and Reciprocity leading to Employment) partners to deliver a programme that will build the Tairāwhiti workforce by filling quality, well-paid employment options.

CARE has representatives from industry, iwi, and government agencies who are collectively looking to support development opportunities.

Currently, Tairāwhiti has 6.3 percent of our workforce unemployed compared with 4.1 percent nationally.

We also have approximately 1,300 15-24-year-olds in the region who are currently not in employment or education which provides an opportunity for economic growth if the challenges of training and pastoral care can be resolved.

The fulfillment of local jobs by local employees avoids exacerbating the housing shortages and enhances our regional wellbeing.



Workforce Development Plan

Tairāwhiti has an opportunity to bring together significant job vacancies with the high number of those living in the region who would like to work. Building effective employment, training and retention practices will support growing workforce capability and capacity.

Workforce Development Plan

CARE Group

Commitment, Action, and Reciprocity resulting in Employment, (CARE) is a Regional Forum overseeing workforce capacity and capability development. Trust Tairāwhiti and the Ministry of Social Development, both have a mandate to drive better business and employment outcomes for the region. The wider membership of CARE currently includes iwi CEO’s, MBIE via the Senior Regional Official for Government (SRO), the Provincial Development Unit (PDU), and industry representatives from forestry, horticulture, tourism, and civil construction. 

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Karen Fenn

Workforce Advisor