Gizzy Kai Rescue

Gizzy Kai Rescue

It’s impressive when you crunch the numbers on the efforts of Gizzy Kai Rescue (GKR) but dig a little deeper to discover they have offset 137,939kgs of CO2 for the region, and their impact really comes home.

In the year to December 2021, the not-for-profit food rescue organisation collected 77,156kgs of food – with a retail value of $571,953 – that otherwise would have gone to waste. The kai was delivered to 16 organisations who used it to distribute the equivalent of 218,396 meals for those in need. 

GKR has been issued a My Imprint ‘measure’ certificate, which verifies their CO2e creation data. 

Trust Tairāwhiti has supported the initiative since 2018, contributing more than $200,000 over three years. The Trust's wellbeing team also helps behind the scenes to measure GKR’s carbon footprint and bring together other vital data that capture their impact.

GKR receives food from supermarkets, producers, retailers and growers, led by one employee, supported by more than 35 volunteers and with the backing of a strong governing board. They recently listed on the Circular Economy Directory as another way to link with businesses who need help in reducing their own environmental impact and keeping existing products in circulation for longer.

Manager Lauren Beattie says GKR regularly collaborates with the wider Tairāwhiti community. “The beauty of our organisation is that we have two defined pillars that focus on helping the community with food. But there is also the environmental aspect in reducing the amount of food going to the landfill and the associated impact of that.”

She says the Trust support enables consistency with their operations, as well as expertise in data collection and analysis. 

Since it was formed in 2018, GKR has grown year on year since. “The pandemic really fast-tracked our growth, and we are proud that we could play a part and respond to the support efforts,” says Lauren.

There is a wide range of organisations that benefit from GKR, including charities, churches, trusts, and even worm and pig farms... nothing goes to waste.

“We are fully committed to continuing to support our community and reduce the food that is going to the landfill.”


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