Need-to-know info for Forest Industry and Whānau Support

Need-to-know info for Forest Industry and Whānau Support

Release from Eastland Wood Council

In NZ we now have 4 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

We have probably thought that we were far enough away that it wouldn’t land on our shores.
We all need to consider the wider implications and impacts of COVID-19 arriving in the region, and how we as a community deal with that, and the bigger effect on our workforce and community.
Last week we hosted Minister Twyford, Kiri Allan and Meka Whaitiri in the region so that they could see and hear firsthand the impacts on the forest industry from the COVID-19 situation in China.

There have been announcements on Monday following the Cabinet meeting, that will provide support for businesses and workers, with details to come next week. Meanwhile we are working on solutions to support businesses and people in region. Different forest companies are still managing work flow as best they can but we are reaching a stress point where this will change. We do know that there is at least 3 months stock of wood on the ports in China, and on ships that needs to be moved off into wood processing and manufacturing; Korea is also starting to be affected. We also recognise how stressful the current situation is for our contractors, employees and their families. For those people who have been adopting a ‘wait and see’ approach now is the time to start making contingency plans and ensure you are able to meet any financial commitments you may have, whether it is mortgage, rent, car payments or other expenses.

Communication and access to information is critical to ensure that people are able to get support and help to make decisions.

Over the past 6+ weeks it has been amazing how everyone has rallied together to support small businesses, employees, and whanau.

➢ Talk, share, ask for support or help – don’t leave it, “prepare for the worst, and hope for the best”

➢ Family/whanau support each other This information is available on the Eastland Wood Council Website and our face book page, and through other agencies.

Please seek help when and if you need it…so reach out and don’t wait; you are not on your own in this situation. Ngā mihi Kim M: 0212435594
Coronavirus COVID-19

All information about the virus is on the Ministry of Health website.

Industry Support
➢ Toroawhi/Forestry Wellness Centre & Jogging For Logging – Wade Brunt
M: 027 777 0815 Wade is an industry health and safety advocate, he also runs ‘Jogging For Logging’
➢ FICA – Prue Younger
M: 0212765484

Eastland Wood Council Workforce Support Information March 2020

➢ Women in Forestry – Sarah Davis
M: 027 307 2848
Financial Support & assistance
Banks /Financial organisations/Accountants/Power Companies/Telecommunications companies
For employers we know that you have obligations to your employees as well as financial ones to banks, lenders, IRD – talk to them early and give them a heads up, they can then tell you what support and assistance they can provide.
For employees – if you think you might have problems meeting your monthly bill payments contact your companies they can put in place measures to assist you; they will be there to help you

MSD Emergency Benefits MSD is working with a number of people and whanau impacted through loss of jobs.
We are expecting that this will be ratified by Cabinet on Monday.
If you haven’t yet registered for the emergency benefit, or need more information about what support is available, then contact Lynne or Karen.

MSD is able to provide a level of financial support for those that are experiencing a loss of income.
Any individuals seeking immediate assistance or with questions should call
➢ Lynne Campbell M: 0292379044
➢ Karen Petersen P: 06 986 8545 M: 029 292 5720

Counselling & Personal Support
➢ Need to talk? Free call or text 1737 any time
➢ Lifeline – 0800 543 354
➢ Tauawhi Men’s Centre 06 868 8278

Budgeting Advice ➢ Budget Advice 06 8677173
➢ MoneyTalks - free financial helpline offering budgeting advice/financial mentoring

FinCap runs MoneyTalks which is a free financial helpline which is the best place to start for people needing budgeting advice/financial mentoring.
They can refer people on to the financial mentor network in their area for face-to-face consultations if that’s required.
Their contact details are:
➢ P: 0800 345 123 Text: 4029
➢ Email:
➢ Live chat:

East Coast Support
➢ Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou
➢ Anne Huriwai – Senior Manager 027 248 3305
➢ Horouta Whanau Ora – Tolaga Bay/Uawa, old doctors clinic on the Corner of Discovery & Solander Streets
➢ Peggy 0220433088

Whanau/community Support
➢ Rapid Relief Team – support for whanau and community

Eastland Wood Council Workforce Support Information March 2020
➢ Clarke Judd 0212286030

Employers, Business Advice & Support

➢ NZTE has a live link with information on the Coronavirus which is updated every 24 hours, with a focus for export related business:

For anyone in business or employers please contact Trust Tairāwhiti Business Growth Advisor
➢ Wendy Gatley M: 021 312 463 or 06 867 2640
➢ MSD also have resources for business owners managing redundancies
➢ EWC has a forestry business owner who is available to support other small business owners either from a business or personal perspective, having been through tough times himself.
Phone or PM me for his contact details.
All conversations will be in confidence.

IRD Tax Payments IRD now have information on their website home page.
If you have any concerns on making tax payments and/or filing returns by their due date, or you or your employees have concerns on their Working for Families entitlements or Child Support obligations with their change in Income being receive.
IRD can also provide business information and support, please contact.

In region IRD contacts: for business owners - 06 986 2043 for employee’s questions – 06 986 2006

Seasonal Work

We have lots of offers of work and are appreciative of people contacting us with seasonal, casual and short term work, particularly through the farming and horticulture sectors.
If you are a contractor needing to fill downtime with workers, or a worker on reduced hours/days or have been made redundant then contact either Siobhain Fyall (info below) or the team at MSD.
We are trying to keep crews together, give contractors some cashflow, and get a few jobs done.
We will coordinate work opportunities for individuals too.

Contact Siobhain Fyall, Generation Programme Manager if you need temporary work to tide you over: M: 027476 9551

Rates Payments If you are struggling to make your next rates payment
➢ Ange 0800 653 800 or email

TPK – Maori Business and Whanau Support
➢ Charlene Ropiha M:0275647314
➢ John Kamana M: 0272980048