Supporting Local Businesses - Regional Business Partners

Supporting Local Businesses - Regional Business Partners

May 12, 2020 . . So far, the Takihoko Business team has matched 90 businesses in our region and have allocated Regional Business Programme vouchers for advice in the areas of Cashflow, Business Continuity, Health and Wellness, HR/ER, Digital Enablement Strategy and Marketing Strategy.

84% of funding through RBP vouchers has gone to local service providers such as BDO, HPY, Dragnett, The Big White Shirt, Futureproof Sites and People Plus.

16% of this has gone to out-of-town service providers for specialist advice or where the client had a historic relationship.

Business Growth Advisor, Wendy Gatley said, “where it fits, RBP puts client choice of providers first as long as it is cost competitive with other service providers in that area.

People tend to learn more from people they like, so relationships are very key in capability building.”

The RBP team is contacted daily by service providers wanting to register their services.

“It is a good source of income for the service providers as well as providing assistance to businesses who are struggling with cashflow issues,” Wendy said.

There is a clear process and guidelines on the RBP website for registering a service.

The guidelines also include some absolute no-no’s such as subscription services as these conflict with the RBP objective of capability building.

“It must be about advice/capability building and not the doing,” Wendy said.

Management capability building is focused around training/educating. Whereas consultancy (ie: doing) has never been included.

MBIE direction is unchanged in terms of management capability building but has expanded the service to cover advice for those businesses impacted by Covid-19.
The ministerial directive is for businesses that are, “sustainable but vulnerable”

Ministerial announcements were made in April regarding further resourcing and additional funding and services.

Tui Babbington, Malcolm Mersham and Wendy from the Takihoko RBP team are all updated weekly by RBP. Through these updates they are getting a good sense of what is going on nationally. 

“So we are all across it,” Wendy said, “we can all help”.

Marketing and digital marketing strategy have been added as Covid-19 advice areas.  These are to help make sure that businesses have a good sales and marketing strategy to move them forward in a slightly different world.

“Communication in the wider market is coming at everyone from everywhere. It can be confusing.”

The team encourage business owners to, “please pick up the phone and ring us”.

Holly Hatzilamprou from the Takitapuwae Tourism team is joining the daily stand.

Tui from the RBP team is in regular contact with Lana Davy from City Centre Vibrancy.

“This is helping us to work across all business sectors,” Wendy said.

“An emerging priority includes a need to start chasing down some research and development (R & D) opportunities as business gets back to normal and look to accelerate growth or pivot.

“Funding is available for new and challenging opportunities,” Wendy said.