Warmer Kiwi Homes on pause - But people should apply online now!

Due to the Prime Minister announcing that New Zealand has moved to Level 4 in its response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Warmer Kiwi Homes programme has pressed pause on renovations.

The Warmer Kiwi Homes programme involves the installation of heaters and insulation in homes around Tairāwhiti.

“The WKH programme so far has been really positive,” said director of service provider Smart Energy Solutions (SES), Paul Thomson.

Mr Thomson has eight Tairāwhiti crew onboard his waka to helping warm the homes of pakeke (elderly) and vulnerable families in Tairāwhiti who may have chronic conditions.

“We’re proud to say we’ve kept all our staff, and no-one has been made redundant.”

Service Providers have contacted all clients where jobs are booked and informed them of the pausing on WKH renovations. 

“What it means for our whānau right across the country is that WKH has not been identified by the government as an essential service,” said WKH Partnerships Manager, Raewynne Jacobs.

Mr Thomson said although they are not installing during this level four phase, SES can still scope out homes online and over the phone to see what kind of insulation and heating they can prepare to install when NZ goes back to level three.

“We get really busy when it’s cold,” he said.

“When people are cold that’s when they want a warmer home and if level four lasts four weeks like they estimate it will, then we’ll be coming out of this with slightly colder weather and it might become a mad rush.

“So, we’re urging people to apply online now so that we can prioritise those with essential needs of home heating and insulation,” he said.

“Stay safe and stay in your homes. We’ll see you at end of month, if not sooner.”

Claims management through the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) is continuing with Service Providers still being paid for all jobs completed.

This also applies to any claims lodged as part of a Council, Voluntary Targeted Rates programme. 


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