Over 2023, trustees and management reviewed the Trust’s strategic plan, Te aka rautaki ki te tau 2026, to ensure it aligned with the changing needs of our communities, businesses and the organisation.

The fundamentals of our strategic framework are enduring and informed by our founding Trust Deed, along with our wellbeing framework He Rangitapu He Tohu Ora. This guides all investment decisions and activities to ensure meaningful impacts for our communities and aligns with the Trust’s vision for our people, whanau and communities. 

Following a comprehensive review, the Trust has adopted new strategic focuses and priorities that set our direction for the next five years.

We intend to achieve these priorities primarily by enabling others through distributions or investing in opportunities that will lead to transformational outcomes for Tairāwhiti. 

For some activities, the Trust will deliver projects or programmes that sit beneath our focus areas, particularly in its role as the Regional Tourism Organisation and Economic Development Agency.

Trust Deed: Our foundation as the Trust

Our purpose:

  1. Preserve capital for future generations
  2. Provide for beneficiaries


Trust Deed


Te wawata mātāmua
Our vision

Our vision is an aspiration for the communities of Tairāwhiti.

Our people, whānau, and communities of Tairāwhiti are able to live the lives we value in ways that matter to us. Together we will transform Tairāwhiti into a place of… 

Te Mana – Shared Pride; where culture connects, relationships empower and nature thrives.

Te Ihi – Shared Prosperity; where people flourish, businesses grow.

Te Wehi – Shared Opportunity; where children dream, communities unite and futures inspire.

As the sun rises over Tairāwhiti, you’ll find our people where they are needed most.
At the heart of our communities on this journey of transformation.
Kaitiaki of precious taonga. Shared for generations to come. 

We are Trust Tairāwhiti
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Te whakairo matua
The way we work

Enabling others

We enable the people of Tairāwhiti by grant funding initiatives and facilities that contribute to positive wellbeing outcomes for the region.


All Trust direct investments in economic growth opportunities are guided by our wellbeing framework.


The Trust delivers a range of targeted operations for the wellbeing of Tairāwhiti. This includes our work as Economic Development Agency, Regional Tourism Organisation and meeting our obligations under the Trust Deed.

He Rangitapu He Tohu Ora

Desired outcomes for 2073

The principles and aspirational outcomes that guide the way we work and priorities.



Our waharoa provides the guiding principles that inform all our decision making.

In partnering with the Trust, we encourage you to step through our waharoa. It is always open to anyone who aspires to benefit the people of Tairāwhiti.

Tairāwhiti upholds Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Mana whenua partnerships are maintained with integrity.

This pou focuses on all people, whānau and communities of Tairāwhiti having unhindered access to support and opportunities that enhance their wellbeing. It’s about shared wellbeing for all people.

This is about being good ancestors and our obligations to future generations. Children and young people have a better set of opportunities than the current generation.


Our muka represent wellbeing outcomes that are aspirational. They are inter-dependent and when woven together, create a dynamic and enduring vision that we have for regional wellbeing.

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